Radio Protector – 65daysofstatic

Pro Romance – Povarovo

Miami Morning Coming Down – Earth

The Chase – Heroin and Your Veins

Ríoseco – Caspian

Like Beasts – Sea Hero

The First Fire – If These Trees Could Talk

Aereoaviones – Tristeza

Tangle Formations – Explosions In The Sky

Flying High – Mooncake

Algos – Shy, Low

Drowning City Skyline – I Hear Sirens

Suicide By Star – God Is An Astronaut

Vorel – Russian Circles

FF Bada – Battles

Montes Jura – Maserati

Forever Dilating Eye – Sinoia Caves

Posthuman – Majeure

The Murderer/Victim Monologues – The Seven Mile Journey

Leitmotiv 01 – We Were Heading North

Ascendans – This Is Your Captain Speaking