Sol Invictus – Logical Disorder

Don’t You Think I Do – James Blake

Balkop – Kreng

Unknown – Hype Williams

OMSK – Kaboom Karavan

In The Belly Of The Beast – Talvihorros

Asynchronous I/O – Datacrashrobot

Cercle – Kangding Ray

Memory Wiped – Pye Corner Audio

The Sound Of Decay – Atom TM

Electronic Rhythm Number Eighteen (Retransferred by The Advisory Circle) – Pye Corner Audio

Rescue Dawn – Hype Williams

Sunlight Noise – Melorman

Höhere Gewalt – Sankt Majeure (Sankt Otten & Majeure)

Liquid Crystal – Tiger Stripe

Mit Offenen Augen – Sankt Otten

(Pierre Bastien) Les Steles De Xerces – Plaid