Mr Gaunt Pt 1000 – Soap and Skin

Song for Jesse – Nick Cave and Warren Ellis

The Disease – Saffronkeira

A Conversation at Sea – Nacht Plank and Shintaro Aoki

Sketch 4 – Tim Hecker

Alfa (Dusted) – Arp

Red Arctic Box – Vesna

The Ballad of the Broken Heart – Pleq

Breathing Underwater – Purple Confusion

White Mark – iTAL tEK

The Birds – Telefon Tel Aviv

Cold (rmx by Funckarma) – Plaid

The Key (Funckarma Remix) – Spyweirdos

Kinder Surprise – Haemon

Lens (Original mix) – Emptyset

Into the Ground – Roll The Dice

Drip (Apparat remix) – Lusine

Unknown – Ottis

Torchlight – Bovaflux